PRESS RELEASE | May 05, 2010

Night Vision Compatible LCD Display Available in 2010

North American Surveillance Systems Inc., (NASS), a global leader in surveillance system integration, has introduced its new True High Definition LCD Display Monitor.

The new 21.5 - inch monitor is night vision compatible and represents a tremendous advancement for the surveillance industry according to NASS President Richard McCourt.

“What makes the NASS monitor unique is that it is both high definition while also being NVIS compatible,” said McCourt. “This monitor uses low power, has instant on/off and has a high contrast ratio. Many industry monitors accept an HD input but do not output a true (1920 x 1200 pixels) HD output.”

The new NASS monitor is designed with day LED backlighting, ruggedized enclosure and is also available in a 12.1- inch model with an optional cockpit glare shield mount.

“NASS saw a need in the aircraft industry for a true HD monitor compatible with the latest high definition I/R sensors,” said McCourt. “We are proud to be able share information on this new product.”

PDF: nass-night-vision-compatible-lcd-display-press-release-5-73.pdf