PRESS RELEASE | May 01, 2010

Florida Hangar Facility Offers Complete Integration Services and Accessibility

North American Surveillance Systems Inc., (NASS), a global leader in surveillance system integration, announced the opening of its new operations center and aircraft hangar at the Deland Municipal Airport.

The newly acquired hangar, NASS Deland Operations Center (NDOC) is located 40 miles north of Orlando near Interstate 4 and will accommodate the growing needs of NASS customers worldwide according to NASS President Richard McCourt.

“This 12,000 square foot facility provides the perfect space for our expansion efforts. It is the ideal location for all our military, police and civil aviation clients,” he said.

The NASS hangar is rated for all applicable hurricane safety standards. Additional benefits include secure storage capabilities and 24-hour aviation access available at the Deland Municipal Airport with its 4,000 foot and 6,000 foot runways.

“With successful project completions in 22 countries, NASS integration specialists will continue to provide service and support on-site to customers worldwide,” said McCourt.

“The new NDOC location will enable our NASS teams to effectively support the needs of our clients around the world,” McCourt said. “The new facility can accommodate future expansion to 50,000 square feet when warranted.”

PDF: nass-us-ops-new-hangar-press-release-5-1-10-52.pdf